In conjunction with the Colorado State Forest Service Volunteer Program, some tremendous opportunities exist for gaining work experience, helping to foster public understanding of forestry, while at the same time enjoying your forests! Volunteers are always needed (especially in forestry) and opportunities are plenty! Such opportunities include:

  • wildfire and fuels mitigation
  • education and public awareness
  • urban forestry
  • tree plantings
  • trail design and construction
  • watershed protection
  • insect and disease assistance
  • general community and/or landowner assistance

Volunteering can take almost any form. By working with the Colorado State Forest Service, you can choose from different levels of volunteer commitment. There are short term projects, group projects, or one-time special projects. We encourage all volunteers to participate in our Volunteer Forest Steward program. This program focuses on training and education and includes an initial 6-8 hour training course. This course includes:

  • A general history about the Colorado State Forest Service. (Who we are)
  • Trees 101: An introductory tree course
  • The art and science of public relations--volunteers as ambassadors
  • An introduction and discussion about forest ecology and forest management

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